Living at CSI

At CSI we believe that your home is a sacred place.  A home is more than four walls and a ceiling. It is a place where you feel safe and secure and you are surrounded by people you want to live with.  CSI offers residential supports for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in both 24-hour group home settings as well as Supported Living.  Whether the person receiving services lives in a group home or is living more independently in their own apartment,  people have the right to have a say in who they live with.

At CSI, we seek to understand a person’s ideal living situation – whether that is near family or friends, in a bustling city, or a more rural setting.  Some people like to live alone or with one other person. Others may feel more comfortable living with several people.  Whatever the preference, we work with people to provide residential services that take into consideration these unique perspectives. We receive residential referrals from Community Developmental Disabilities Programs (CDDPs).